Altamont Farms is expanding

Altamont Farms started with a tentpole of sustainability – resources, family, and technology – and we are excited to announce a new property that will greatly expand our farm-to-fork, education, and technology initiatives.

Chicken Mite Control

Mites are a common parasite affecting chicken flocks. With regular attention they are easily controlled.

3 Pans

Over the years I have come to realize that I really only need a few pans to cook 95% of the food I prepare. More than a few makes it easier for multiple dishes but 3 basic pieces of cookware will do almost everything. I used to be a cast iron fan and I still…

Weed Zap update

I have been using an organic herbicide called Weed Zap for the last 4 months, here is my detailed review notes.

Titolio Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I buy a lot of olive oil with a focus on 2 groups. My everyday olive oil for cooking and general use is California Olive Ranch, a high quality olive oil produced here in California, in the event the name does not give that away, and the best part is Costco regularly stocks it. The…

French Black Copper Marans

When I first decided to add chickens to our farm, I went for a breed that was a hardy egg layer. As we expanded our flock I focused on breeds that were unique and interesting to me. The French Black Copper Maran is just such a bird. Regal and stately, this hen stands out in…

Weed Zap organic herbicide

We don’t spray Roundup or equivalent herbicides here at Altamont Farms. They work incredibly well but the science on the effects is still working itself out and our primary concern is the health of our honeybees. Glyposhate is starting to show up in honeybees and while I can’t control where the bees travel during the…

Sous vide egg bites

Sous vide egg bites are a make-ahead breakfast that combines the simplicity of sous vide with the limitless possibilities of eggs.

Expanding our beekeeping operation

I have very much enjoyed learning about honeybees while managing a small apiary here on our property. We have three hives and while I am confident that our property and surrounding area can easily support more hives, I just really don’t want to be tripping over bee hives so 3 is enough. We have had…

Sweet cucumber and mustard relish

Few things are more summer than cucumbers and tomatoes. I’m having an issue with tomatoes this year, but that is for a separate post. Pickling cucumbers are fun to grow but, as the name suggests, they don’t have a lot of uses beyond pickling. I love relish, sweet and tangy with bell peppers and onions……

Sous vide sear technique

Sous vide proponents know that the perfect sear is what properly finishes meats prepared using sous vide. A carbon steel pan and some avocado oil will quickly deliver perfect results every time.