Sous vide egg bites

Sous vide egg bites are a make-ahead breakfast that combines the simplicity of sous vide with the limitless possibilities of eggs.

The Perfect Omelette

People ask me “what is your favorite thing to cook?” and I typically answer with “it depends” but the truth is that there is one thing that I love to make. A simple omelette combines the purity of eggs with a little fat, but relies on a lot of technique that is never really mastered….

All Purpose Quiche

The phrase “real men don’t eat quiche” was popularized from the title of a 1980s book and came to symbolize the confusion that men in the 1980s experienced as a result of changing gender roles. Fortunately for us, the 1980s are long gone… I love quiche. There is something very elegant about a simple and…

Arzak Poached Eggs

I love – love – poached eggs. I don’t like making them.  An Arzak poached egg is named for the Spanish chef Juan Mari Arzak and it is so simple that one has to ask why it was never done before. Not only will egg be perfectly poached, it can be infused with flavors that…

Hard Boiling an Egg

Hard boiling an egg is easy, right? Sure, for every good way to do it there are 3 methods that will lead to greyed out crumbly eggs that have none of the magic of a simple boiled egg.