Chicken run entertainment

One of my better ideas was hanging a grocery store cabbage from some string for my chickens. It provides 2 days of entertainment while also giving them some greens to eat. We don’t free range our chickens, instead keeping them in an enclosed run that is large enough to support scratching and pecking, dust baths,…

My two year beekeeping journey

My two year beekeeping journey started with failure but with persistence, learning, and diligent observation I am on the road to success.

Carbon steel is the new cast iron

Carbon steel pans have the same non-stick properties that cast iron pans have, without the mass, while also delivering superior cooking properties.

Aphids… we got aphids

Pests such as aphids are nuisances but natural remedies will emerge if you resist the urge to spray and treat your garden with chemicals and organic treatments.

Nature Finds a Way

A fun discovery of a greenhouse full of tomato seedlings reminds me that nature finds a way.

Pasta Rustica

I could spend a lifetime cooking regional Italian dishes and still not get more than an inch deep. The variations of ingredients and techniques are a never-ending journey that brings immense pleasure and satisfaction to discover.  There is a fantastic vintage cookbook from Elizabeth David, simply titled Italian Food that offers not just an exploration…