Sweet cucumber and mustard relish

Few things are more summer than cucumbers and tomatoes. I’m having an issue with tomatoes this year, but that is for a separate post. Pickling cucumbers are fun to grow but, as the name suggests, they don’t have a lot of uses beyond pickling. I love relish, sweet and tangy with bell peppers and onions……

Sous vide sear technique

Sous vide proponents know that the perfect sear is what properly finishes meats prepared using sous vide. A carbon steel pan and some avocado oil will quickly deliver perfect results every time.

Grilled Radicchio

I love bitter greens and radicchio is a favorite. Grilling it with this simple marinade makes a great summer entree that transforms flavor and texture. It really is a meal by itself but also consider pairing with some bratwurst.

Udon from Costco

I have been buying packaged fresh udon noodles from Costco. The primary value is convenience however these packaged meals have a lot of potential for personalization. The result is a quick and easy lunch or dinner that builds on multiple flavors and textures. A word about Japanese noodles. I am not a Japanese noodle aficionado…

Chicken run entertainment

One of my better ideas was hanging a grocery store cabbage from some string for my chickens. It provides 2 days of entertainment while also giving them some greens to eat. We don’t free range our chickens, instead keeping them in an enclosed run that is large enough to support scratching and pecking, dust baths,…

My two year beekeeping journey

My two year beekeeping journey started with failure but with persistence, learning, and diligent observation I am on the road to success.