Pasta Rustica

I could spend a lifetime cooking regional Italian dishes and still not get more than an inch deep. The variations of ingredients and techniques are a never-ending journey that brings immense pleasure and satisfaction to discover.  There is a fantastic vintage cookbook from Elizabeth David, simply titled Italian Food that offers not just an exploration…

The Perfect Omelette

People ask me “what is your favorite thing to cook?” and I typically answer with “it depends” but the truth is that there is one thing that I love to make. A simple omelette combines the purity of eggs with a little fat, but relies on a lot of technique that is never really mastered….

White eggs, brown eggs…

You stand there in the market and look at the display case wondering if you should spend the extra $$ for the brown eggs because they must be better, right?

30 Minute Pressure Cooker Chili

I am no chili expert but I can make a good chili that adheres to a couple of basic rules that guide all great chili recipes, with one exception. Let’s get the exception out of the way up front, beans. In Texas, putting beans in chili is the equivalent of using marked cards in a…

Sous Vide Bacon

This is my favorite way to cook bacon. The process is easy and convenient, but the kicker is that the end result is bacon that is succulent and flavorful.  Let’s talk about what is happening when you cook bacon. The first result of heating the bacon is that the fat is rendering and whatever water…

Shephard’s Pie

We had a lot of leftover prime rib from Christmas dinner, and along with some mashed potatoes this makes for the perfect leftover meal. Shephard’s pie is a classic dish that should be respected in the traditional form. It really doesn’t need any tinkering with, it is the ultimate comfort food and can also be…

French Pot Roast

A pot roast is a flavor profile so primitive that the old ways of preparing it need respect. No shortcuts here, just time.

Texas Beef Brisket

Texas beef brisket! Typically thought of as a summer bbq delight, this is a great diversion from leftover turkey.

Coffee Rubbed Sous Vide Tri-Tip

Tri-tip is a fantastic cut of beef that is always a crowd pleaser. This ground coffee dry rub and sous vide preparation method will result in perfect tri-tip every time.

Ramen Anytime

Japanese culture is responsible for many great gifts in food culture, not the least of which is ramen. Most Americans, especially those who lived in a college dormitory, grew up with instant ramen as a staple food. In recent years, there has been a Ramen Awakening in western culture as traditional ramen ways were propograted…

Pappardelle with Bolognese

Pappardelle literally means “gobble up” and this regional dish from Tuscany is simply not complete in our home without another regional Italian specialty, bolognese sauce.