End of Season Garden Maintenance, Compost, and Napa Oil Dry

I get asked “how does your garden produce so much stuff?” and the answer is always the  same, it’s really not me. I spend very little time with gadgets, fertilizers, or fidgeting with the plants, I let nature do what it is well equipped to do, grow.  However, this is not to suggest that I…

Making a Garden Fun for Kids

I have tried to make our family garden a thing of interest for our children. Not always successfully but I’m getting better at it as they get older and I appreciate the extra hands for the everyday garden chores.  Here are 3 things that I have found to be attractions for kids and the garden:…

Garden Celery – Wow!

A couple of years ago I planted celery in the garden and was blown away by how flavorful it was. Sharp and spicy, this celery didn’t taste anything like produce market celery. In subsequent years I didn’t replant it but this spring I was determined to reverse that course.  In March, I started two varieties…

Islander Bell Peppers

Purple Islander peppers are a sweet bell pepper variety that are a fun alternative to red-yellow-orange-green peppers sold in the market.

The Simple Garden Guide to Fantastic Tomatoes

Tomatoes are popular garden plants and for good reason, they grow and produce great fruit almost anywhere. This simple guide will give you the basics for growing tomatoes that produce an abundance of fruit.