Weed Zap update

I have been using an organic herbicide called Weed Zap for the last 4 months, here is my detailed review notes.

Weed Zap organic herbicide

We don’t spray Roundup or equivalent herbicides here at Altamont Farms. They work incredibly well but the science on the effects is still working itself out and our primary concern is the health of our honeybees. Glyposhate is starting to show up in honeybees and while I can’t control where the bees travel during the…

Grilled Radicchio

I love bitter greens and radicchio is a favorite. Grilling it with this simple marinade makes a great summer entree that transforms flavor and texture. It really is a meal by itself but also consider pairing with some bratwurst.

Nature Finds a Way

A fun discovery of a greenhouse full of tomato seedlings reminds me that nature finds a way.

White eggs, brown eggs…

You stand there in the market and look at the display case wondering if you should spend the extra $$ for the brown eggs because they must be better, right?

Winter Pototoes

Potatoes planted in the late summer as the garden is giving up for season change yield a welcome bounty in December

Mycorrizhae Fungi for Stronger Plants and Better Yields

I planted fava beans this week after a few weeks of cool weather in the 60s, the time was right. Of course, then we get hit with a mini-heatwave and the temps have spiked back up into the upper 70s. It really doesn’t matter that much, the soil temp will stay cool enough for the…

Bougainvillea Care

Bougainvilleas are the quintessential California flowering vine. Here are some simple guidelines for success with these plants, learned from my own mistakes.

End of Season Garden Maintenance, Compost, and Napa Oil Dry

I get asked “how does your garden produce so much stuff?” and the answer is always the  same, it’s really not me. I spend very little time with gadgets, fertilizers, or fidgeting with the plants, I let nature do what it is well equipped to do, grow.  However, this is not to suggest that I…

Making a Garden Fun for Kids

I have tried to make our family garden a thing of interest for our children. Not always successfully but I’m getting better at it as they get older and I appreciate the extra hands for the everyday garden chores.  Here are 3 things that I have found to be attractions for kids and the garden:…

Garden Celery – Wow!

A couple of years ago I planted celery in the garden and was blown away by how flavorful it was. Sharp and spicy, this celery didn’t taste anything like produce market celery. In subsequent years I didn’t replant it but this spring I was determined to reverse that course.  In March, I started two varieties…

Islander Bell Peppers

Purple Islander peppers are a sweet bell pepper variety that are a fun alternative to red-yellow-orange-green peppers sold in the market.