Sweet cucumber and mustard relish

Few things are more summer than cucumbers and tomatoes. I’m having an issue with tomatoes this year, but that is for a separate post. Pickling cucumbers are fun to grow but, as the name suggests, they don’t have a lot of uses beyond pickling. I love relish, sweet and tangy with bell peppers and onions……

Sous vide sear technique

Sous vide proponents know that the perfect sear is what properly finishes meats prepared using sous vide. A carbon steel pan and some avocado oil will quickly deliver perfect results every time.

The Perfect Omelette

People ask me “what is your favorite thing to cook?” and I typically answer with “it depends” but the truth is that there is one thing that I love to make. A simple omelette combines the purity of eggs with a little fat, but relies on a lot of technique that is never really mastered….

Caring for Cast Iron

My chef friends immediately gravitate to my cast iron cookware. Cast iron is superior to all other types of cookware because it is inexpensive, retains heat exceptionally well, is long lasting, and develops a non-stick surface that is a joy to cook on. From a low simmer to ridiculously hot, cast iron can be used…

Arzak Poached Eggs

I love – love – poached eggs. I don’t like making them.  An Arzak poached egg is named for the Spanish chef Juan Mari Arzak and it is so simple that one has to ask why it was never done before. Not only will egg be perfectly poached, it can be infused with flavors that…

Red Pepper Soup

As I get older I develop a deeper love for soup. Few things can warm your soul, fulfill you, and dazzle your taste buds like a bowl of well-crafted soup. What many people do not realize is how easy soup can be, and today I have red pepper soup on my mind. There is a…

Chicken Stock

Chicken stock is a basic ingredient essential in any kitchen. Making your own is neither difficult or time consuming and it makes full use of chicken parts that would otherwise get thrown away.