Weed Zap update


I have used Weed Zap for the last 4 months to control a large area of clover and other persistent weeds. The herbicide is a mix of clove and cinnamon oils; it works by burning the weeds that it is sprayed on.

Here are my detailed notes:

  • Concentration: 1 gallon of the concentrate will mix 10 gallons and based on my experience you really want to stay on the mixing guidelines or risk underperformance in the field.
  • Safety: Wear gloves! The first time I sprayed this I was not as careful as I should have been and I splashed the product on my hands. I suffered a pretty uncomfortable chemical burn for 4 full days, most severely affecting me on the skin between my fingers. Wow, I have been really cautious with this product since that experience and it is a reminder that organic products are dangerous and require safety precautions when handling.
    Effectiveness: On balance, it works. What I found is that it is really sensitive to heavy coverage, and to be fair the label does say you want to spray this to the point that a milky liquid is visible on the target area.
    Versatility: I found that it works on every type of plant but for maximum effectiveness you need to saturate and that means you need broad-leafed weeds. I have used it on grasses but the slender blades do not present an optimal target for Weed Zap and you will waste a lot of the product only to be disappointed in the results.
    Value: Honestly, this is no value. It is an expensive product that does not kill weeds, it just burns them back. You will be reapplying this product periodically to keep the weeds in check.

The first time I sprayed this I used a handheld sprayer and it was a frustrating experience. Weed Zap in mixed form is a water-oil mixture that needs continuous agitation to remain in suspension. A backpack sprayer with agitators (paddles) is what you need and the nozzle you select needs to push a good amount of volume to get the coverage you need.

The scent is really pleasing but I have to tell you that after burning myself that first time, just the scent alone of clove and cinnamon is enough to get me itching nervously… but to everyone else the scent is very pleasant.

This is a certified organic product and checks all the boxes for a hobbyist. However, the cost of the product and need to reapply frequently makes this a less than optimal product for a farm. A propane burner will do the same job at a fraction of the cost.