French Black Copper Marans


When I first decided to add chickens to our farm, I went for a breed that was a hardy egg layer. As we expanded our flock I focused on breeds that were unique and interesting to me. The French Black Copper Maran is just such a bird.

Regal and stately, this hen stands out in the flock with attractive coloring and feathered legs. The black feathers on their bodies feature an irridescent green tint. The head feathers are distinctly copper.

Nervous and flighty yet curious and good-tempered, these are easy birds to care for. I didn’t have any problems integrating them as pullets into the flock.

The eggs are small to medium-sized and feature an attractive dark brown coloring, often with specks. One hen will lay between 4-6 eggs a week, making them a good addition to any flock.