Sous vide sear technique

I rely on my Sous Vide Supreme several times a week and it is no secret that this is an easy and uncomplicated way to deliver reliable results. In addition to food quality, flexibility on cooking time fits well with a busy family when you are trying to juggle life while also serving healthy and fulfilling food. Meat prepared in the sous vide lacks the finished flavor and appearance that traditional methods produce.

Over the years, I have tried many techniques for searing meats. This is critical because the sear is where the flavor is developed (Maillard Reaction.) At lower heat the meat will not sear properly while at the same time continuing to cook. In a home kitchen it is very difficult to achieve the high temps that steak houses sear meat under.

I am a fan of a propane blow torch for searing but lately have been achieving good results with my carbon steel pan. Avocado oil works well for searing meat, featuring a high smoke point and a naturally neutral flavor. The pan will get very hot and the theater of the steak dancing around in a pool of flames will be very entertaining!

Cast iron is a favorite pan for searing and sear it will. However, cast does take longer to pre-heat and is prone to hot spots while carbon heats quickly and transfers heat evenly. The grill is another option but barbecue grills have less surface area than pans and I have not been happy with the results on the bbq grill but I do love the grill marks.