Secret Weapon: Crescent Rolls


One of the major challenges that parents face with food for their family is keeping things interesting and enjoyable while maintaining some sense of healthy options. I present to you a secret weapon in this fight, Pillsbury Crescent Rolls.

It is quite amazing how versatile this premade dough is. I have adapted it to serve as a dessert, breakfast pastry, and breakfast sandwich but the list does not end there. Anything savory or sweet will pair with crescent rolls and, in my experience, kids love them in any form.

I like to make breakfast for my children in the morning while they are young enough to not reject it and old enough to carry it forward with them as a memory. We have a pretty good roster of breakfast staples but sometimes it just gets old hat… today was one of those days. I had leftover breakfast sausage from yesterday, which made for a perfect breakfast roll this morning. Add a half a slice of American processed cheese (which works well because it doesn’t separate under heat) to each roll for a cheesy sausage rollup breakfast that is easily eaten and relatively good from a breakfast healthy meal standpoint. Yes, carbs and fat but kids need both and 3/4 of the challenge is just giving them something they will eat.

Sprinkle with brown sugar and cinnamon for a treat. Roll up a piece of chocolate for an improvised chocolate croissant. Add some coarse sea salt to amplify the flavors. IMG_0701.JPG