The Pizza Chronicles


A couple of days ago I posted my success with Chebe gluten-free pizza crust. Honestly, it was a fine pizza but nothing special, the crust was difficult to work with and crumbly. This is not at all what I experienced in prior attempts and I got to thinking about what was different. 

I didn’t let the dough ball rest before using it. Resting any dough is an important step that allows the molecules to absorb the liquids and for air bubbles to work themselves out. A rested dough is going to have a better texture and be easier to work with. I made the Chebe dough again and let it rest overnight; I intended to let it rest for an hour but then we decided to go out to eat because it was really hot, so the dough rested overnight and I made it for my kids when they came home from school today (early dismissal… sigh). 

I also cut the dough ball in half so I could roll out the pizza crust thinner and still fit on my peel. This is also a good opportunity to comment on the Breville Pizza Maker that showed up on my doorstep a few months ago. I didn’t order it, my wife thought I would like it and after some initial skepticism I have to say that it makes a better pizza than any other method I have used. It’s easy to use and easy to clean, and of course it turns out a really nice pizza. 

The two pizzas I made with the rested dough were indeed representative of what a gluten-enabled pizza would taste like. I thought about going back and updating the original post but part of working in a kitchen is experimentation and learning through experience. I tried to shortcut a process in the name of time, and got a result I wasn’t happy with. Undeterred, I went back and did it again and by doing it right I got a result I very much enjoyed.